Sustainable, recyclable y biodegradable

Natural leather has been used throughout history to dress people, today it is considered one of the most exclusive and high quality materials.
Who hasn´t worn their grandma or mother´s fur? We love these traditions that are passed down from mother to daughter.
Garments with a lot of value, not only because of the quality of the materials, but also because of the added emotional touch.
Leather is a natural , recyclable, sustainable and biodegradable material, and this is indisputably connected to the “slow” movement.


Repare, reelaborate, reuse and remodel

We are very meticulous with the selection of raw materials, for us quality is paramount. We respect and are committed to the origin of the leathers we work with, with 90% of our suppliers being Spanish. And in this respect, natural skin fits with this concern, as it can be repaired, reworked, reused and remodelled for decades. It therefore stands for the quality, durability and longevity of the garments.



Slow fashion, the importance of the durability

El slow fashion is a way of living fashion in a way that is conscious, ethical and respectful of the environment, workers and consumers It also seeks to ensure the quality of each garment so that it is durable and sustainable over time. We are consistent between what we say and what we do and our customers notice this from the moment they make their purchase. All our packaging is sustainable and both the boxes and the cloth bags can be reused many times and for many things, and so do our customers.

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